Alexis was just a freshman in high school when we first took her and her family on their first college tour at Florida International University 3 years ago. Since then, we’ve watched her blossomed from being once the youngest of our group to becoming one of our most achieved student-role models: when she’s not preparing for a test or just enjoying solving her own math problems, often you will find her at our tutoring center providing guidance to the younger kids, especially the young girls as they first enrolled in our program. Alexis’ strong work ethics including her perseverance mixed with her drive to succeed has paved the way from her to graduate high school one year early this year, and to start college in the fall at Saint Leo University. We are so proud her! Special Congratulations to Alexis on a job well done! We are honored to share your inspiring story among our 2020 graduates.

Student of the Month

Congratulations to Noémie on being awarded “Student of the Month”. This fall one student from every Pembroke Pines Elementary School has been chosen by the school administration and staff for exemplary behavior, good citizenship and role models traits.  We are honored that one of our students Noémie was selected for this prestigious award. Noémie is one of our young 4th Grader and soon to be moved up to 5th Grade. Noémie had her share of struggles with Math in the past. After being enrolled in our program at NotJustMath Tutoring Center for just a few months, Noémie has found her new passion for math while she continues to score high in her math class among her other classes.  Big applause to her devoted parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bourdeau along with our dedicated staff and her school teachers for supporting Noémie in her academic development! Again, please join us in saying: Congratulations Noémie! We’re all so proud of you!

January 6, 2021
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