Why NotJustMath

NotJusMath Tutoring Center Is the #1 Provider of STEM Educational Solutions

We Help Teachers and Students Develop and Enhance STEM Teaching and Learning concurrently.

NotJustMath understands the STEM challenges that schools and education providers face in inspiring our young people, transforming learning experiences and providing teachers with powerful new resources to empower their teaching, all while managing costs and following the NGSS standards.

Our STEM Education products and services are designed to empower teachers and to get their students excited about STEM with:
* NGSS Compliant STEM Curriculum
* Teacher’s Packs with books and materials
* Online Teacher’s Guides
* Student Courseware
* Workbooks
* Optional Teacher Training conducted by engineers and scientists to build more skills and confidence

Robert Renick Educational Center Case Study

Robert Renick, a special educational school, relies on NotJustMath to help teachers engage students with 21st-century STEM skills.

Community Access Center Case Study

See how Community Access Center rebuilds a robust STEM program from the ground up.

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