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Who We Are?

We’re just like you. We want to provide our children and grandchildren with the best future possible. We’re a dedicated team of professionals, working hard to provide our students with the knowledge and guidance that they need to succeed but can’t get anywhere else.

We have learned our lessons, sometimes the hard way from not having the right support system. But that means our students won’t have to. We ask the right questions and help students overcome their challenges from day 1 so they don’t have to struggle in the future. We provide students with the right tools to get ahead. We analyze and leverage a vast amount of information to facilitate student enrollment in post-secondary education.

Our College-Prep Program is one of the best around the nation which helps students graduate with a high GPA while we help them accessing scholarships amounting to thousands of dollars. We support the US Armed Forces by preparing their recruits to do well in their ASVAB exam. Our Coaches are experts who raise our students’ scores an average of 35%.

NotJustMath’s team of highly skilled Coaches has decades of experience in education. We are committed each year to ensure that 100% of our high school students will be enrolled in post-secondary education after graduating high school.

Ricardo Duncan – a former Project Engineer at the Walt Disney Company With Over 20 Years Of Experience Turning Students’ Dreams Into Reality

Coach Duncan is the Head Math Coach and Founder of NotJustMath Tutoring Center. He has operated NotJustMath since 2015 right after he pursued his MBA at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

He started teaching Mathematics 20 years ago in Connecticut while he attended Norwalk Community College’s Engineering Pathway Program. He was the 1st student to complete and to graduate from that program, and to transfer to the University of Connecticut (also known as UCONN) where he got his B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 2000.

A few years later, he was recruited by the Disney Corporation to be part of a special team where he became their Lead Project Engineer who made sure that the Disney Parks and Resorts never suffered any downtime to any power issues. In 2009, he started his own company DGS, Inc. which provides energy-engineering consulting services and equipment to make sure hospitals, universities and corporations can run 24/7.

In 2011, his passion for teaching mathematics to our youths led him to work for Miami-Dade County Public Schools where he assumed a key role coaching Math Teachers on how to effectively teach their students. On special occasions, he’s been invited by schools like MAST Academy, ADA Merit and the Village of Pinecrest to discuss with students the benefits of renewable energy.

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