What Parents Are Saying

Samie, BA in Psychology, Southern Connecticut State University, 2018 Graduate

“Our daughter’s math and science skills along with her overall confidence have continued to improve greatly from her time in high school throughout her college experience at Southern…Thank you so much. “

Ms. Beatrice

Xyon, Bright Future Scholar, Freshman, School of Engineering-UCF

” Our son has acquired a full scholarship to attend the School of Engineering at the University of Central Florida. Thank you so much. “

Ms. Christina

Tranecia, BAS in Criminal Justice, MDC, 2020 Graduate

“Our daughter was able to overcome her struggles with College Algebra and gained the skills and confidence to complete her Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice at Miami-Dade College. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Ms. Grace

Nathan, Freshman, Pre-Med, University of Pittsburgh

” Our son’s math and science skills have increased so much giving him the confidence to major in the field of medicine at the University of Pittsburgh at the age of 16.  Thank you so much.”

Ms. Astride

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