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" I used to hate Math as a Freshman in High School.  I felt so lost then as I was getting a "D" in Algebra. My mom sent me to Miami and forced me to attend a Math Summer Program offered at NotJustMath.  I have been gettting good grades since then and I just graduated High School as an Honor Roll student with an "A" in Statistics. Now I am on my way to College to become a Doctor. Thank you, NotJustMath!" Samantha.      

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" I remember as if it was yesterday, months before her finals when my daughter Tranecia was a freshman in College and was struggling in her College Algebra class.  The staff at NotJustMath told me that she needed a minimum of 2 sessions per week to prepare her for her upcoming exam but, I thought once a week would be enough.  NotJustMath advised against my decision, but I insisted. Well my daughter did fail the exam.  Second go around with NotJustMath's help she passed her class with a "B".  NotJustMath is honest and real. I wish I would have listened the first time. It would have saved me a lot of money and my daughter her time. I can’t wait to sign-up again my daughter with NotJustMath for her upcoming Pre-Calculus class. Thank you NotJustMath". Ms. Grace    

" Thank you NotJustMath for helping out Richard with developing his academic and physical skills to become the successful student-athlete that he has become.  As a result of our weekly tutoring sessions, Richard was able to get a B+ for his Algebra II class enabling him to increase his GPA to 3.0  while he continues to impress scouts from all over the country with his new acquired skills on and off the basketball court.  Thank you NotJustMath".  Mr. Adam


Gina's Story

" I am so grateful that with your great help, Gina went last year from having a "D" in Algebra I to having an "A" at the end of the term. Now she is applying her new acquired skills to get ready for Algebra II this summer.  I will make sure to sign her up as early as this summer so she can maintain her "A" average going to her next class.  Thank you, NotJustMath".  Mrs. Martinez  

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