So many students are struggling in Math. Here at NotJustMath, our Head Math Coach, Mr. Duncan takes a revamped “old school approach” consisting of a whiteboard, paper, pencils and innovative techniques. Mr. Duncan taught Mathematics in Connecticut and worked as a Math Interventionist for Miami Dade County Public Schools system where he coached math teachers on how to effectively teach students math.  Mr. Duncan has also assisted hundreds of at-risk struggling math students in succeeding, with a 98% success rate from Connecticut to Florida.  Our goal at NotJustMath is to provide students with the skills needed to improve their grades, build confidence and the ability to achieve.


Our Innovative approach to inspiring our students is built on the unique Cross Disciplinary Model: Diversity Brings Excellence! Our “A Team” consists of Multi-Lingual Coaches who are seasoned Professionals in their respective fields to provide our Tutors and students with the right tools for achievement.  


OUR "A" Team

Mr. Ricardo Duncan, BS EE, MBA

Head Coach-Mathematics


Ms. Marjorie St-Armand, BS, MS

Senior Coach-Mathematics, ESE, ESOL


Mrs. Beverly Holmes, BA

Senior Coach-Mathematics, ESE



Ms. Vanessa Leroy, BS

Senior Coach-Mathematics, ESOL


Mrs. Lourdes Morales, MA

Head Coach-Language Arts, ESOL


Mrs. Judith Francois, BA, MS

Head Coach-ESE, Reading, Science



Lack of inspiration is a great challenge that our youth faces today. At NotJustMath, we don’t only help students recognize and develop their potential to excel in math and science, but we inspire them to become innovative thinkers and future leaders of tomorrow.


Your Roadmap to Success