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To the Student: Welcome to our EVS Grade 1-Basic course! This course was designed to make learning science a fun and engaging experience.  We recommend that you learn and complete each lesson in the order provided for the best learning experience. Also remember: science is about exploring. So, remember to click “Pause” and to ask questions in order to achieve your best results. Have fun learning!

To the Teacher: Welcome to our EVS Grade 1-Basic course! This course was designed to support the current Science Common Core standards. This course provides you with all the contents you need to make teaching and learning science a fun and engaging experience for everyone. We recommend that these lessons are to be taught in the right sequence presented realizing that these lessons for this course may be used as a guide or as a reference at times. Have fun teaching!

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Course Currilcum

  • EVS Grade 1 – Unit 1: Earth and the Sky 00:06:00
  • Earth and the Sky
  • EVS Grade 1 – Unit 2: Seasons 00:03:00
  • * Describe different types of seasons abroad (India). * Identify the clothes worn in different seasons.
  • EVS Grade 1 – Unit 3: Weather 00:06:00
  • -Define weather. -Name the different seasons. -Explain how rainfall happens. -Define weather forecast. -Define wind.
  • EVS Grade 1 – Unit 4: Rocks, Soils and Minerals 00:07:00
  • -Describe rocks and their types. -Explain soil and soil erosion. -Discuss about minerals. -Explain Chipko Movement and Van Mahotsav.
  • EVS Grade 1 – Unit 5: Water on Earth 00:05:00
  • - Identify 3 forms of water. - Name different sources of water. - List different uses of water. - Describe water cycle.
  • EVS Grade 1 – Unit 6: Our Earth and its changes to land 00:05:00
  • • Describe various parts of Earth. • Define waterfalls. • Identify hills, mountains, lands, valleys, and plains. • List the methods of saving Earth.
  • EVS Grade 1 – Unit 7: Science Sorting Materials into Groups 00:06:00
  • -Sort materials on the basis of their shape. -Sort materials on the basis of their state. -Sort materials on the basis of the raw material used. -Understand why sorting of materials is important.
  • EVS Grade 1 – Unit 8: Living and Non-living Things 00:03:00
  • - Identify Living and Non-Living things. - List the features of living and non-living things. - Differentiate between living and non-living things.
  • EVS Grade 1 – Unit 9: Plant Life 00:07:00
  • - List the main parts of a plant. - Describe their functions. - Identify different types of plants.
  • EVS Grade 1 – Unit 10: Animal’s Life 00:05:00
  • - Recognize main wild animals. - Learn about the natural shelters of wild animals. - Identify the food eaten by wild animals. - List the importance of wild animals.
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